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Welcome to the Secure Controls Framework Accreditation Body

The Secure Controls Framework Conformity Assessment Program (SCF CAP) is an organization-level conformity assessment. The SCF CAP is designed to utilize tailored cybersecurity and privacy controls that specifically address the applicable statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations an Organization Seeking Certification (OSC) is required to comply with. By using the metaframework nature of the SCF, an OSC is able to perform conformity assessment that spans multiple cybersecurity and privacy-specific laws, regulations and frameworks.

You can read more about the SCF CAP here and learn about everything included in the SCF Body of Knowledge in below.

The Secure Controls Framework Accreditation Body (SCF-AB) is a US-based, for-profit company that the Secure Controls Framework Council authorizes to operate an organization level cybersecurity and privacy-specific conformity assessment process. The SCF-AB is governed by a board of advisors, consisting of recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the cybersecurity and privacy industries.  

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